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Growing a successful business is more than providing a great product or service; you also need employee benefits Bluffdale to attract and retain today’s top talent. You can take a standard approach to great healthcare, but there’s more to consider with your benefits. From wellness initiatives to supporting your employee’s favorite causes, here’s how to stay competitive in today’s competitive job market.

Start with Incredible Health Benefits

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Most employees are focused on securing health benefits to offset the high costs of finding an independent policy. However, there are plenty of health insurance policies that do more than cover the standard doctor-office visit.

Some health insurance policies include smoking cessation, diabetes management, weight loss, and preventative health programs. Or you can give more autonomy to your employees to choose for themselves. Some benefits include a tiered approach where employees can invest more for high-level coverage covering everything they want, including wellness initiatives.

Take a Wellness-Centric Approach

Employee benefits Bluffdale can adopt a wellness-centric philosophy that includes flexible work arrangements and wellness programs. Offering on-site fitness programs, gym memberships, or walking meetings all help focus on the employee’s overall well-being and what they need to thrive. The results are a more engaged and loyal team that trusts that you have their well-being in mind, not just your bottom line.

Consider Work-Life Balance

Living among Utah’s stunning landscape of mountains, plateaus, mesas, canyons, and basins means a call to the great outdoors. Even if your employees don’t prioritize outdoor time, but it’s still vital to provide a work-life balance to honor your team. Your employee benefits Bluffdale could include generous vacation days, personal days, holidays, and flexible remote policies that make it possible for your team to balance their work around their own schedule and preferences. The overall approach to work-life balance helps boost satisfaction, retention rates, and productivity, which in turn helps you grow a stronger business.

Develop Your Employee’s Career Path

Employees value skill development and mentorship to advance their career paths and get more out of their jobs. The right approach to ongoing learning opportunities provides more purpose and focus in their careers and an understanding of how they can best contribute to your business. Companies should consider offering training programs and cover the costs for conferences and workshops to help bolster their employee’s career. Tuition reimbursement is also an option to strengthen employees’ skill sets and in turn enhance your company’s growth.

Financial Well-Being and Retirement

Employee benefits Bluffdale go beyond the physical and mental well-being and extend to financial well-being. Look at expanding your retirement plans, including 401k plans complete with an employer match. Financial counseling and services that include creating a will and tax planning can also help employees manage their finances and related stress more effectively.

Out-of-the Box Perks

Get innovative with your employee benefits in Bluffdale to delight your team and reduce turn-over. Consider providing unique perks, including pet-friendly offices and on-site childcare, to ease some of the daily stress on employees. Offering sabbatical programs and time-off also positions your company for success as a sought-after place to work.

Community Involvement

Employee Benefits Bluffdale

Employee benefits Bluffdale can focus on causes and organizations that employees value most. Providing an opportunity to give blood with a work-sponsored blood drive, work at a food bank as a team for the day, or give employees a day off each year for the volunteer work of their choice. The goal is to foster a culture of giving back while honoring causes that your employees value the most. Beyond how volunteer work impacts your employees, it also helps raise your business profile within the community.

Next Steps

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