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When you’re trying to grow, scale, and attract top talent in a competitive landscape, you need the right employer benefits Bluffdale for your business. However, it’s more than just offering a healthcare plan. You also need to consider how your overall benefits impact your team and motivate them to grow alongside your business. From retirement to supporting your employee’s favorite charities, here’s a look at how to stay competitive and offer the best benefits package for your team.

Get Guidance on Your Employer Healthcare Benefits

Research shows that over half of workers (51%) say it’s extremely important for them to have a job that offers employer-sponsored health insurance. You can attract a high-quality talent pool and retain your best workers by carefully selecting the right employer healthcare plan. Your plan could include different deductibles and employer contributions across several plans. The idea is to offer options to everyone, from the frugally minded to someone who wants the best healthcare possible and is willing to pay for it.

Think About Wellness Benefits

There’s more to employer benefits than healthcare. Wellness is also at the forefront of many employees’s minds, who want more time and resources to work out, join wellness programs, and indulge in flexible work arrangements. Consider providing gym memberships, walk-and-talk meetings, wellness retreats, or expanded personal time off to nurture your team.

Nurture Your Employee’s Career Growth

Employees looking for a place to grow their careers value skill development. Company-sponsored learning opportunities signal an investment in your workforce and also attract a larger talent pool. Offering on-site classes and mentorship to advance their career paths helps your team get more out of their jobs. The right approach to ongoing learning opportunities, mentorships, and training can help retain valuable team members while fostering a culture of advancement.

Remember the Work-Life Balance

Part of Employer Benefits Bluffdale may also embody a work-life balance. Offering generous flex time, vacation, sick time, and personal time off makes it easier for employees to stay with your company. The idea of work-life balance could also include company-funded team-building exercises that take advantage of Utah’s incredible landscapes and outdoor recreation.

Foster Financial Well-Being and Retirement

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Employee benefits Bluffdale are more than healthcare and perks. Employees also expect retirement plans with company matches, including 401k plans. It’s also wise to offer financial counseling and services that help with everything from tax to estate planning to help your team mange their finances and enjoy greater peace of mind.

Offer Unique Perks

There’s no one-size-fits-all solution for your employer’s benefits Bluffdale. Pet-friendly offices, on-site daycare, and catered lunches help employees feel valued by your company. Other ideas include sabbatical programs that empower employees to earn paid time off to pursue passion projects and explore new corners of the globe. Or consider employer-subsidized pet insurance, especially if you work in an industry that caters to pet owners.

Look to Your Competitors

If you’re not sure how far to expand your employer’s benefits Bluffdale, look to your competitors. The types of healthcare packages, retirement incentives, and unique perks you have offers more clarity on how to stand out in your industry. You can pick and choose which benefits make the most sense for the culture of the company you’re trying to create to attract and retain a desirable workforce.

Get Expert Advice

There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to developing your employer benefits Bluffdale. Talk to the team at Do Right Insurance about which benefits to offer that make the most sense for your company, budget, and culture. We may recommend a bundled approach for optimized cost-savings or guide you through different products and services that are the most cost-effective and appropriate for your needs.

Next Steps

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