Utah Dental Insurance

Utah dental insurance is the cornerstone of maintaining good oral health. Without insurance, you could spend a bundle on regular teeth cleanings and X-rays, and you may find oral surgery and more complicated treatment out of reach. Proactive care is key, but you need the right dental insurance to find the best policy and coverage for you.

Do You Really Need Utah Dental Insurance?

Yes! Although teeth cleanings can be relatively affordable, there’s more to oral health than keeping your teeth looking great. You also need a policy that can help if you crack a tooth, get an infection, or have a cavity. Letting small problems fall to the wayside can quickly escalate into a dental emergency. Talk to the team at Do Right Insurance about finding the best coverage options that protect your oral health and finances from the unexpected.

What Kind of Utah Dental Insurance Options Do You Need?

Not all dental insurance policies are created equally. Some offer basic service with high deductibles. Others offer comprehensive coverage with a high monthly premium. Do Right Insurance can help you talk through your options to find the best policy and coverage options for you. Here are some plans and options that are commonly found on the dental insurance market:

Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) Plans

HMO plans are a good option if you’re looking for lower monthly premiums for your budget. But there are limitations to the coverage you receive and who you can choose as your dentist. Not all providers accept HMMOs and they can sometimes be located miles away.

Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) Plans

PPO plans are the opposite of HMO plans. They offer a more robust range of services and providers to choose from. There is usually flexibility in choosing a provider outside of your network for a higher deductible. A PPO plan is usually both flexible and affordable when choosing the right Utah dental insurance.

Dental Indemnity Plans

Dental indemnity plans are flexible enough to allow you to visit any dentist of your choice. However, you’ll also incur higher out-of-pocket costs to pay upfront and get reimbursed later.

Discount Dental Plans

If there’s not much room in your monthly budget, a discount dental plan could be a good option for your needs. These plans are not exactly insurance, but they do offer a reduction in teeth cleanings, x-rays, and other services among participating dentists. Members pay an annual fee to join and receive discounted rates.

Select the Right Dental Plan for You

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It’s not always straightforward to choose the right Utah dental insurance to meet your needs. We put together a quick list of what to consider, and we’re always here to help. Call us today and we’ll look at your overall situation and budget to find the best coverage options for you.

Think About Your Dental History

It’s important to consider your overall dental health history. If you have frequent cavities or your family members are prone to dental health issues, you probably need a good policy to cover all of your needs. But if you’re single, don’t need dental insurance for a family, and have always had good oral health, you can probably choose a more basic policy for your needs.

Consider Your Age

At age 40, your teeth can start to shift again, even if you had straight teeth as a kid. By age 50, most Americans have experienced partial or full tooth loss. It doesn’t necessarily matter if you take great care of your teeth, although that can make a big difference. The aging process impacts your teeth and it’s important to take good care of them.

Look Over Your Coverage Options

All Utah dental insurance works a little differently and it’s essential to check the coverage details for everything offered. Preventative care is just one part of oral health, you should also look into any coverage limitations for oral surgery, any necessary orthodontics, and required waiting periods before you can use your insurance for specific procedures.

Compare Premiums and Deductibles

After you know what type of coverage you need, look into the premiums, deductibles, copayments, and out-of-pocket maximums. Each aspect will impact your immediate to long-term budget and it’s crucial to plan accordingly. You may not need anything to get your teeth cleaned twice a year, but planning for any dental work requires more financial resources, even with insurance.

Check Your List of Dentists

If you already love your dentist, check to see if they’re part of the network of providers with your insurance options. It’s also wise to see if they’re taking new patients. For example, if your friend uses a specific dentist that you want to try, they may not be open to more patients, even if you have the right Utah health insurance.

Learn How to Maximize Your Dental Insurance Benefits

The best way to avoid dental issues is to learn to maximize your insurance benefits. Schedule your regular check-ups and cleanings to maintain the best oral health possible for you and your family. Periodic x-rays should also be part of your coverage to spot any growing issues before they get out of control.

Next Steps

Do Right Insurance believes everyone and every business should have access to quality insurance coverage, regardless of their budget. The team at Do Right Insurance helps you find policies from various providers that align with your unique needs. Sometimes bundled approaches work best for you and your family, but we also look at various policies to build out the coverage you need at the best possible price. Contact us today for a no-obligation quote on your Utah dental insurance, health insurance, worker’s compensation, and related policies.