Utah Homeowners Insurance

Whether you’re buying your first property or your fifth, you need Utah homeowners insurance you can depend on in an emergency. It’s never pleasant to consider what could happen to your home, from flooding to vandalism, but staying proactive with good coverage is your best line of defense. The team at Do Right Insurance offers customized insurance solutions to help you protect your assets against financial risk.

Here’s what you should know about finding the best policy for you and how the team at Do Right Insurance can help.

What to Know About Utah Homeowners Insurance

When you invest in a home, you also need good insurance coverage. Also called hazard insurance (HOI), homeowners insurance dates back to centuries, when ancient civilizations pooled together their resources to rebuild homes in their community after a disaster.

By the time the Middle Ages came around, merchants and ship owners started insuring properties against pirates and common hazards. We may not need insurance to protect our assets from pirates anymore, but homeowners insurance is still an integral part of homeownership.

How Does Utah Homeowners Insurance Protect You?

The level of protection you get from Utah homeowners insurance depends on the policy you choose. Some policies offer basic coverage and extend to fire, lightning, some types of inclement weather, and vandalism or theft. Depending on where you’re located and if you’re at risk for issues like snow melt, you may also need additional protection for flooding.

It’s true you’re not legally required to carry Utah homeowners insurance; however, it can make your life more complicated. Beyond leaving yourself open to risk, many mortgage lenders will require a policy before they will extend a loan to purchase your property. Or you may not be able to pay for repairs and renovations for your home without a policy that can protect you and reimburse you for covered events.

How Expensive Is Homeowners Insurance Utah?

The cost of your homeowners insurance will vary depending on your location, the age of your home, the type of home you live in, and what your lender requires. If your area is prone to crime or natural disasters, you should expect to pay more for your insurance policy.

Some areas of Utah also have unique issues that aren’t common in other areas. For example, if you live near the Wasatch Fault, you need a homeowners insurance policy with earthquake coverage to protect against natural disasters and potential loss.

All insurance policies, whether you’re looking at auto coverage or homeowners insurance, have exceptions. For example, your homeowner’s insurance is unlikely to cover a nuclear explosion. In some cases, you should consider additional coverage, such as for potential wildlifes. With Utah’s dry, hot weather, you may be prone to wildfires that could compromise your property.

Safeguard Your Property with Do Right Insurance

Do Right Insurance believes everyone should have quality Utah homeowners insurance, regardless of their budget. The team at Do Right Insurance helps you find policies from various providers that align with your unique needs. Sometimes bundled approaches work best for you and your family, but we also look at various policies to build out the coverage you need at the best possible price. Contact us today for a no-obligation quote on your Utah homeowners insurance or any other policies you’re looking for.