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Workers Comp Bluffdale, also called workers’ comp insurance, is a mandatory insurance policy that’s covered by small and large businesses alike. A good policy should cover medical costs and a portion of any work-related injury or illness, including lost wages relating to the incident. Beyond establishing that your company cares about its employee and incentivizing top talent to stay, workers comp also protects your financial assets from litigation. Learn more about workers comp and what type of policy you need to protect yourself.

Does Your Company Need Worker’s Comp Insurance?

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Yes, just about every state, including Utah, legally requires businesses to carry workers comp Bluffdale. It’s designed to ensure your business is able to cover the cost of injuries, illnesses, occupational diseases, and other ailments that may arise on the job. Beyond your legal liability to carry workers comp, it’s also difficult to attract and retain top talent when you don’t have a robust policy that protects employees and keeps their safety and health in mind. 

The need for good workers comp is also vital for dangerous job conditions and industries. Talk to the team at Do Right Insurance about what kind of coverage you need for your specific business and how we can help find the best coverage for your need.

Workers’ Comp Insurance Basics

Workers’ Comp insurance does come with some limitations. These policies typically only covers injuries and illnesses that are the result of work. Some examples of worker’s compensation Bluffdale includes lifting heavy equipment, getting injured on a forklift, slipping on a wet surface, or sustaining an injury due to a fire in the workplace. This type of coverage typically only applies to injuries or illnesses that occur as a result of duties performed on the job or while at work.

Benefits of Workers’ Compensation Insurance

Although worker’s compensation insurance Bluffdale is mandatory, there are also scores of benefits to carrying it for your business.

  1. Workplace Accident and Illness Coverage: Even if your workplace isn’t known for its share of accidents or strenuous labor, employees could still slip on a wet spot or expose themselves to dangerous chemicals. Workers comp Bluffdale can also help fill in gaps in needed areas that health insurance doesn’t cover.
  2. Medical Expense Coverage: If an employee is injured on the job, workers’ comp Bluffdale covers part of their related medical bills. It also eases the financial burden for you and your team members while allowing the injured or sick employee to recover without the stress.
  3. Lost Wage Compensation: How long could your employees go without a paycheck? An illness or injury may take team members out of work for weeks or months. With workers comp in place, you can help your affected employees maintain the financial stability they deserve.
  4. Disability Benefits: In some tragic incidents, a work-related injury or illness could lead to a temporary or long-term disability. Workers comp Bluffdale offers long-term financial assistance for your team members who can no longer work in the same capacity. 
  5. Employer Protection: Workers’ compensation insurance also offers employees and supervisors a level of protection. You can safeguard your business from specific types of lawsuits and preserve your financial stability and reputation in the industry.
  6. Promotion of Workplace Safety: A proactive culture for employee safety encourages responsible behavior at work. The right coverage and programs in place can reduce work-related incidents while fostering a culture of safety in the workplace.

Workers comp Bluffdale doesn’t cover everything your business needs to stay safe. For example, you may still need business interruption insurance or commercial auto insurance for your fleet of vehicles. Talk to the team at Do Right Insurance to discuss your business and find the right policies and coverage the helps you run your company safely and profitably.

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