Utah Worker’s Comp

If you run a business, you’re not just growing your revenue; you’re also keeping your team and finances safe with resources like the Utah Worker’s Comp system. Business owners are legally required to provide benefits to employees who suffer from work-related injuries or illnesses. However, the system isn’t always straightforward. Here’s what to know about workers comp in Utah and how Do Right Insurance can simplify finding the right coverage for you.

Why Do Businesses Need Worker’s Comp?

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Securing the necessary worker’s comp in Utah directly reduces your liability as a business owner. It provides a structured system for compensating employees who are injured or get sick from a work-related activity and reduces their financial burden. Without Utah worker’s compensation, your business could be at financial risk of being sued to cover these costs.

Promotes a Safer Workplace

Workers’ compensation also encourages a safer, more efficient workplace. Businesses are more likely to take preventative measures and prioritize training and safety to reduce the risk of accidents and injuries and lower worker’s comp claims In turn, employees are more likely to see your business as a place that cares about their safety.

Maintains Employee Morale

It’s challenging for employees to champion their companies and work their best when they don’t feel taken care of. Utah worker’s comp gives your team members peace of mind and contributes to higher employee satisfaction. It can also help reduce turnover and keep your employees more productive.

Facilitates Return to Work

Some accidents make it difficult, if not outright impossible, for employees to perform the same job in the same manner as they did before. Utah worker’s comp may offer vocational rehabilitation services for injured employees. These programs can help your valued team members return to work faster, sometimes in a new capacity, and minimize the impact on your business productivity.

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Mike Van Luik was great to work with. He was very quick to respond and thoroughly explained the details of the policy and followed up in a timely manner to all our questions.
Jerris and Heather are best to work with! They’re Always super quick to respond to any questions we have and stay on top of all of our policies! I would highly recommend them!
I worked with Melissa Pitts on getting new health and dental insurance set up for my husband and I. Melissa is a ROCK STAR!!! She is incredibly friendly and easy to speak to. I felt like I was talking to a friend, but in a very professional way. Melissa was amazing at explaining things so I could understand and she even went above and beyond to help me fill out applications since they can become quite confusing. She spent 2 hours on the phone with me to help make sure I was filling everything out correctly, and that was after countless phone calls and texts from questions I had. She never made me feel like I was inconveniencing her with all my questions or with my kids trying to pull my attention away from her in the background. Melissa is incredible to work with and made sure all of my forms and information were submitted on time, even with the time crunch that we were in. I would 100% recommend her!
Do Right Insurance looked at different insurance agencies for the best rate for me. I recived a great rate for auto and home insurance. It was so low that I called to make sure that it was for full coverage. You cannot go wrong with this company.
I can't say enough positive things about my experience with Jerris and Do Right insurance company. From the moment I reached out, Jerris demonstrated an unparalleled level of professionalism and integrity that immediately put me at ease.As an agent, Jerris goes above and beyond to ensure that their clients receive the best possible coverage tailored to their individual needs. Their expertise in the field is evident, and I felt confident knowing that I was in capable hands every step of the way.
Tracie was absolutely wonderful to work with- She helped us with bundling new home and auto insurance and found a great plan for us which is saving us quite a bit of money compared to our previous policy. She had our best interest at heart, was quick to respond, and answered all of our questions. We are so happy!
Reille took the time to provided me differnt vendor options for a new policy. She answered all my questions regarding my new classic car policy. Making a payment was easy too. Reille was awesome to work with.
I have been with Do Right Insurance for 7years and they have taken amazing care of me and my family. I highly recommend them for your personal insurance and also business insurance. They helped me with both and their customer service is better than any other insurance company I have used. Thank you Do Right for all you've helped me with over the years!!!
Keaton at Do Right insurance was quick and cordial. He did a fantastic job at making sure all of my needs were met and saved me hundreds on my car insurance!! My other agency was baffled at how he was able to secure me such a great rate with the same coverage. Will be a customer for life! Thank you Keaton.
Fantastic company to work with. Have been a client for many years. The personal touch is a welcome experience. Always checking to make sure I have the best insurance for the lowest cost. Thank you
Customer service was wonderful! They shopped around and found me the lowest prices possible, increasing the coverage amounts, while reducing the deductible required! Most importantly, they saved me $200/mo in insurance costs.
We reached out to Tracie over a month ago regarding new policies for our cars and home. Tracie was very easy to work with, quick to respond, and show us different policies that best fit our needs. Overall, we are saving more than $100 a month with the new programs! Very happy to work with Do Right and their team
I couldn’t be more pleased with Do Right Insurance, specifically Melissa Pitts. She was so patient with us as we tried to figure out what would work best for our needs. She definitely went above and beyond and we are really grateful to have her working with us.
I had insurance through these guys for many years and sadly had to switch to someone else when we moved to Oklahoma.We recently moved to Idaho and I was very glad to find out that they had the best quote of all quotes I received. (We even qualify for USAA through my father-in-law and I thought that would be the best quote)Thanks!
Heather has always taken care of our business! She always finds the best rates for our small family owned business and goes the extra mile! We appreciate all she does! Highly recommend Do Right Insurance!
Amanda was very helpful. She provided us a bid on cheaper insurance and saved use $200 a year on home and auto. I had several questions about the policy and she answered them or found the answer and got back with me.
Jerris and Heather are fantastic to work with. When we need documents sent to vendors or have any insurance needs, they respond promptly. We are happy with their company.
Do Right Insurance always answers my questions and helps me with renewals promptly. If they aren't immediately available, they get back to you quickly. Their rates are usually lower if not equal to other companies. I highly recommend them.
The name says it all. These guys do it right. My rates spiked crazy high and these guys found me a better rate outside their agency. They referred me to a different carrier. They really look out for you. 10/10
Best Insurance People In The Business.Used to work with Garn, who I loved. Now Faron is handling our needs and she is fantastic and willing to really take the time to do things right. Great knowing we're being taken care of and not taken advantage of. These people are the best.
They are quick to answer the phone and handle your questions. Amanda was very friendly and helpful! She wanted to get us the best resolution and rate. Appreciated her knowledge and very quick responses!
They helped me figure out what I needed and explain insurance to me because it was my first time, they were so kind patient and very nice. They got me set up in no time. Definitely have my business in the future.
Faron McCuistion is always a call away! She is helpful, knowledgeable, and friendly. She will be your advocate.
I’ve been with Do Right (fka Garner Jensen) since 1998. Faron is awesome to work with. Not only did she look for the best rates, but she advised me on the different companies/policies which helped me make the best decision for me.
This company is very flexible and they work hard to meet the needs of my employees and our company. I appreciate the time they take to make sure it gets done right.
Garn and Jaris and the entire team at Do Right are always so kind and helpful to deal with. They give us the feeling that they care about our family and have our best interest in mind. We are very grateful to be able to work with them.
Faron has been so helpful with helping us pick our best option for insurance. Glad I made the call when our old insurance went up significantly.
Garn is the man!! always gets you the plan that works for YOU! five stars all around
I love this company! I have been with them since they were Gardner D. Jensen and even after they changed to Do Right they have continued to be great to work with. Heather has been so helpful helping me with business insurance. They always seem to have the best rates too. I also have home and auto with them.
Jerris and Heather are amazing and super responsive. I’ve never had a question or a call go longer than 24 hours without an answer. I 10/10 highly recommend.
We can whole heartedly recommend Do Right ins, formerly Garn Jensen Ins. We have done business with them for almost 30 years. They will never try to get you to buy buy a policy that does not fit your needs. Being an independent agent allows them to source multiple companies to find what fits your needs and budget. Their service is as I rated it… 5 star ⭐️ . Ron Williams
I’ve had auto and rental policies with Do Right for the past 4 years. They’ve consistently provided the lowest quotes with great coverage. Phone calls and emails are polite and prompt. Faron has helped me the past few occasions, and she’s provided excellent service. 10/10 recommend!
Jerris and Heather are amazing to work with. I have worked with Jerris for years now doing construction type insurance, auto insurance and workers comp policies and I am never disappointed with the dedication that he and his team have to their customers. Do Right Insurance is leaps and bounds above the rest. If I could give them a 10 star rating I would.
Just switched over to these guys. The transition went smooth, and our agent (mike) has been very responsive and easy to work with.
I reached out to my former insurance company, and was greeted by Heather. I explained to her what I wanted and she listened and then explained that there were better options if I was interested, I listened to what she had to say. She sent me the information and I was very impressed with her and pleased with the service. Turns out she found me exactly what I was looking for, but with a way better fit for me. I am grateful she took time to find what would work for me. Thank you Heather for the time you took to help me. I will always be a customer from this point forward.Aaron Escue
I reached out to my former insurance company, and was greeted by Heather. I explained to her what I wanted and she listened and then explained that there were better options if I was interested, I listened to what she had to say. She sent me the information and I was very impressed with her and pleased with the service. Turns out she found me exactly what I was looking for, but with a way better fit for me. I am grateful she took time to find what would work for me. Thank you Heather for the time you took to help me. I will always be a customer from this point forward.Aaron Escue
The agent was very knowledgeable and helpful. The process was very quick and easy!
Called to get clarification of cover. Staff was very helpful in reviewing our coverage and offered suggestions of reviewing different coverage with other companies. At this time we will stay with current company. Have dealt with this agency for several years and am pleased with agency.
For years they have always been very informative, efficient and attentive to my needs both in my personal and business coverages.
Amazing customer service they have been great to work with and we have been with them for years!
Always first-class service. I am so glad I learned about this company! They make my life easier by finding the best insurance quotes for me and doing all the legwork. I've always been satisfied.
Been with them for 10 years and have had no issues. Always very helpful when I need to make changes.
I got a quick response when requesting a quote. they were able to find me a good rate with a trusted company.
We are very please with our relationship with Garner D Jensen Insurance Group. They have met our every need and the employees really go the extra mile to please us.
Been with Garner Jensen for my insurance since 2000. They have always taken great care of me and been responsive to all my needs. Especially as my property ownership and family continued to grow and expand. Highly recommend.
I’ve been with Garn and team for 17 years now. They have always done right by me and made not only the savings amazing, but the experience has always been effortless and worry-free. Highly recommend.
Will Babcock helped switching over my insurance super simple and quick. Not only did he help me save money but most importantly made me feel like he was looking out for my best interest. I know I’m in great hands with him as my agent!
Reille has been amazing to work with and remembered me specifically even though I haven’t called them in over a year. She actually reached out to me about getting much lower rates. I couldn’t be happier with the company
Over the years this business has taken care of my insurance needs. They've been great.I've been with them for years and generally things work as planned. Most of my experience is with Faron, and Heather; outstanding Representatives of the agency.
Great experience throughout. They answered all of my questions and helped me get set up quickly. Highly recommend!
Quick and timely response to needs and questions. Good knowledge of the markets they cover
Great customer service! Faron who was helping me over the phone was super helpful and professional.
I would definitely recommend Do Right Insurance Group. What I liked most about them is that they are laid back and do not pressure you into anything. They truly want to help you get the best price. I saved $50.00 on my home and auto.
I would definitely recommend Do Right Insurance Group. What I liked most about them is that they are laid back and do not pressure you into anything. They truly want to help you get the best price. I saved $50.00 on my home and auto.
Always quick to respond and exceptional customer service! I have been speaking to Reille Fisher over the past couple of years and she is awesome!!
They are very helpful, knowledgeable, and respectful. They helped me get the insurance plan I wanted for a great price.
I switched over from GEICO after some 10+ years with them.Insurity offered more coverage for less money. I was a little hesitant about swapping over after I had heard various other stories of people getting dropped, but after speaking with the company meeting an agent I was reassured that everything was on the up and up.I was in one accident in which they were more than helpful everything went perfectly smooth.It's been so good I moved my house insurance to them too!!!
All the staff are highly knowledgeable and professional when helping you find the best value and reliable insurance. Being and independent service I have them cover my business, home and auto insurance. Some years it is bundled for the vest value. If I ask them to search for a new plan they are always happy to look for me. Garn Jensen has covered my insurance for me since 1990. I highly recommend their services.
I needed information about an insurance policy, and when I called the office, I was treated very well. I asked the question I needed answered, and I was provided with the answer I then was able to make the necessary payment. This relieved me of the stress and insured that everything was in order. I truly appreciated the ladies who assisted me.
Josh is a great agent. I have used him for over 10 years and have had to add and remove insurance many times. Very simple process of just emailing him the information and he gets me a quote. Very responsive and personal service that is unique in today's world.
Easy to work with & very personable! Definitely would recommend. Found the Price that worked best for me in less than a day!
After, having multiple Insurance guys, these guys are my number 1 choice!Above and beyond service. Helping find the best coverage, walking me though a claim, and making sure I felt taken care of and Always! returns calls. I HIGHLY Recommend these guys for any type of insurance.
Josh has been amazing to work with. I’ve always had my insurance through him. My parents were insured through Josh’s Dad Garn. I started at 16 on an auto policy and a couple of decades later I’m still with the same agent. I even spent 13 years working for Farmers Insurance and I never switched. I like that Josh is a broker so he can shop policies, he’s super responsive, and is willing to spend time to give me insurance advice when I need it. Unless something insane changes I’ll be with Josh for life.
Jerris is the best insurance agent I have ever worked with. I would recommend him and Do Right Insurance Group to anyone!
Will and his team really do all they can to work with you. Communication is great! Definitely the go to for all your payroll needs
This team is amazing. Communication, service, and cost is right in line with what I need. Can't go wrong with this team.
Always quick to respond and exceptional customer service! I have been speaking to Reille Fisher over the past six months or so and she is awesome!!
This is my first time to work with Faron at Insurity, but I was very impressed already. She is very professional, responsive and trying very hard to find me the best deal for my auto insurance. Our communication is direct, efficient and clear with details on a PDF sent frequently by Faron. She is the best!
I have been working with Josh for 11 years. He is amazing! Anything I need done, he takes care of it. He also gives me many option to ensure I get the best possible insurance for my home, cars and motorcycle for the best price.I highly recommend Do Right Insurance Group
Whenever I have needed them, they step up and take great care of me. I admire the customer service they offer.
Farron is amazing! Her energy is so supporting and positive! It feels more like a family friend any time I ask for help! She has my back! ❤️❤️ Thanks Farron. You rock!
Eric was patient and very helpful. He made the process very easy. I will highly recommend him to all my friends and family.
Definitely recommend! We have used Insurity for our homeowners, auto, and earthquake insurance. They are great to work with, responsive, professional, and overall great!
Been working with Jerris for several years now. He’s always helped me get the best rate possible. Highly recommend.
I needed a policy on a rental unit my wife and I purchased. Insurity came back with a reasonable and affordable quote in just a few hours. Very professional and easy to work with.
I am super busy and always on the run. This company has been so amazing and easy to work with. I can send a quick email with what I need and it's done the same day. They are very easy going and made me feel like I was talking to a friend. Would reccomend them again and again.
Great people, always willing to help, and I feel like they know me personally and treat me as such. Highly recommend
As a mortgage broker I work with insurance agents nearly everyday and Josh is the best of the best in the industry. His responsiveness and care for his clients make him a stand out in the industry. Josh is competitively priced and gives exceptional service and I often recommend him to my clients who are shopping for insurance.
Customer service are excellent and really listen to your concern, definitely recommend to anyone who’s looking for a home insurance. I’m sad to leave, but I’m grateful for all your service.
I've communicated with Jerris for the better part of a decade. He provides top-notch quality and service every time I ask him a question. I still hope that I never actually need to use my insurance, but it's comforting to know I've got them advocating for me if I do need it. Would recommend!
Love this insurance group. Garner has always been responsive and the entire team looks for their client's best interest and needs. Highly recommend!
Great company. Has stood by through the years always giving time and a personal touch to every business interaction. Has always found me the cheapest rates. Thank you!
I’ve been with the Do Right Insurance Group for 24 year (since they were Garner Jensen Insurance Group). They always had the best rates and great service. I’ve had a couple of car claims during that time and they e been easy and great to work with.
I have been with Garner Jensen, 25-30 years, I usually only deal with Garner, he will investigate, himself any issues, I have, quick to answer my questions, and provide any documentation! When Garner, is unavailable, his staff, is organized, knowledgeable, and always helpful! Always, looking for me, the best coverage, with my interests in mind!! I feel safe and sound, insured, through, Garner Jensen, Insurity Group!! Thank you...
I've been a customer for over 30 years & there the best! No better rates out there & great to work with. Would never go with anyone else...Garner & his team are awesome to work with!
Its nice to at least be treated like a human being, while spending my hard earned $ on something i hope to never use! I consider these humans friends. They know my name and even pronounce it correctly. They also, have always found me the best pricing (which is the main reason ive been with them for so long). I am happy to leave a positive review for them. They all deserve it!
I've had my insurance with the Do Right Insurance Group for 5 years now and have never had any issues or complaints. Every time I've called, someone has always answered and address my questions. They are easy to work with and I know they can provide some of the best rates around.
Great group to work with! Doubled my coverage for a better rate as well. Took time to explain coverage! Highly recommend!
Josh Jensen at Insurity is great to work with. He responds and gets answers. Seems like a low bar...but most insurance guys can't manage that. He's awesome, and his office staff is equally good to work with. I highly recommend Josh and Insurity. They do all my personal, property, and commercial insurance.
Very nice people to work with. I recommend to friends and family.
I connected with the Do Right Insurance Group to get a quote on Home Insurance. They were able to save me hundreds of dollars, so we also looked at our auto insurance....and saved me money there too. Great company to work with.
They are professional and very helpful. It was easy to find the help I needed, and gave great prices.
Good service, easy to get a hold of, and very helpful. Always a pleasant experience.
Always fast and friendly! Life long client right here
Great Insurance Group. The customer service is the best. Thanks for all your help.
Best Independent Insurance agency that I've ever worked with!
I had been calling to get insurance for my cabin for a little while and I was not getting calls back for my quote. Do Right Insurance group got back to me right away and it was a great quote. Thank you for your responsiveness.
Dillon was able to help me get a lower/better quote and made the process so simple! Thank you
Very helpful for my first time figuring out car insurance! Personable, professional, and trying to help me.
Great Service. I stand corrected.
They're always extremely prompt when I need certificate of insurance for my business and they were able to lower my rates significantly for bother personal and business insurance.
Five stars!! Today I called with some complicated questions and my agent wasn't available. Without hesitation, Riley took ownership of my questions and provided me the answers I needed to make an informed decision. Thank you Riley! You represent Garner Jensen and Bear River very well! 10/10 would reccomend
Tracie was awesome to work with. She got us a quote super quickly and found a plan that is saving us 1000 dollars a year. Thank you Tracie! Glad we found a honest company to work with.
My wife and I have been working with Josh for roughly 2 years now for home and auto insurance and he’s been the BEST. So easy and quick to work with. Highly recommended.
These guys are great. Been doing business with Garner for nearly 40 years. All of my personal and business insurance is placed with them. From autos, homeowners, liability policy's, workman's comp, business insurance etc. Very competitive with price, and very responsive when I've ever had a claim. Would highly recommend!

Types of Worker’s Comp Benefits

Utah worker’s comp is necessary to cover medical expenses, lost wages, and rehabilitation costs that are associated with a workplace injury or illness. These benefits may extend to temporary total disability benefits, permanent partial disability benefits, permanent total disability benefits, and any necessary vocational rehabilitation. Here’s more about the specifics of what a Utah worker’s comp entails.

Temporary Disability Benefits

If one of your employees is injured and can’t work for any period of time, they may be able to secure temporary disability benefits. This type of Utah worker’s comp typically covers a percentage of their lost wages to help them stay afloat. Image of a steel worker to convey the benefits of Utah Worker's Comp - Do Right Insurance

Permanent Disability Benefits

When workers sustain a permanent impairment, they could be entitled to permanent disability benefits as part of their Utah worker’s comp coverage. The amount will vary depending on the impairment and expected recovery.

Vocational Rehabilitation

When an injured worker can’t return to their previous job, they. may need vocational rehabilitation services. The goal is to retrain them for a new occupation to secure new skills to earn a living.

Dispute Resolution Services

When there’s a dispute over a workers’ compensation claim, there are resources in place to help both parties resolve the issue. You can look into mediation, administrative hearings, or other legal processes.

Death Benefits

In the tragic event that your worker dies after a work-related injury or illness, benefits may be provided to their surviving dependents. For example, the spouse or children may receive compensation for funeral expenses and ongoing financial support.

Reimbursement for Out-of-Pocket Expenses

In some cases, an injured worker may need to pay for medications or medical supplies out of pocket. If these expenses are related to their workplace injury or illness, Utah worker’s comp may offer reimbursement. Talk to the team at Do Right Insurance about worker’s comp and what type of coverage and insurance you need to protect your employees and your financial assets.

Safeguard Your Business with Do Right Insurance

The team at Do Right Insurance is passionate about working with individuals and businesses to find the best possible insurance providers and policies available. Our knowledgeable staff takes a straightforward, transparent approach to securing Utah worker’s comp for your business.

We know your business is your most valuable asset and are responsible for your employees, clients, and vendors during operations. We offer a unique approach to finding the right policy to find solutions that align with your needs and budget, no matter the provider. We’re here to help you protect your business and can help determine the right coverage and rates to provide the peace of mind you need.

Contact us today for a no-obligation quote.